5 Top Wedding Invitation Card Trends

From laser cut floral designs to personalized wax stamps, Indian wedding invitation card trends are constantly changing. One of the most common trend in the past couple of years is that wedding invitation cards have become simpler, playful, and they have a hint of European vibe.

A wedding invitation card should go with your wedding theme; the color schemes and prints should compliment each other. No matter what theme you choose, make sure it is refreshing and always pleasantly surprising for your invitees.

While you are busy with all other preparations of the wedding, we’ve made a list of top five Indian wedding invitation trends for you to make it easy for you to:

1. Laser cut floral wedding invite


Beautiful laser cut floral wedding invites have made their way to top of the market. Pick a vintage floral print with birds singing and laser cut it as a holder flap of the invite. You can also go for a laser cut jali pattern and line it with golden paper to give it a rich look.

Keep the invite’s envelope design contemporary. You can add a symbol that is special for the of two as a header to the invite.

Source: notonthehighstreet.com

2. Gold foil invite

Nothing is as luxurious and fancy as making a gold foil invite. Write your fiance and your name in foil-pressed calligraphy or decorate the invite’s edges with traditional Mughal pattern to give it a rich look.

Keep the font in black so that it goes in sync with the gold-foiled edges and calligraphy names. Choose a solid coloured envelope and tie it neatly with satin ribbon.

Source: elegantepress.com

3. European theme invite

If you like keeping things simple and classy, a European themed invite can be your best bet. Soft wash the background with watercolour and opt for a delicate print pattern on it. Choose a fancy font for the text to go along. Always keep the information like the address, date, and other details in simple fonts like Georgia, Calibri, or Arial.

You can wrap the envelope in scented lace for a true blue European feel. Don’t add too many flowers to the design to keep things simple.

Source: marrymetampabay.com

4. Gift box with sweets invite

How does the idea of a pretty looking box with delicious rose-coated cashews and saffron pistachio sound? Go over-the-top and surprise your guests with a personalized goodies-cum-invitation box. Add four glass jars to each box. Some of the treats you can add to the jars are mint candies, rose cashews, rock chocolate, and other flavoured dry fruits.

Source: viw.co.in

5. Vintage invites

A vintage invite is a safe bet if you are overly confused about the type of invite you want for your wedding. Play with some prints and colour combinations to bring the whole look together.

You can also place Jodha and Akbar as a watermark in the background and make your wedding invitation look like a two dimensional royal fort. A brocade lace to tie the invitation will give to bring out its vintage essence.

Source: brideandgroomdirect.co.uk

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing wedding invitations, so make sure your wedding invitation is very unique and reflects your style.

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