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Best destination wedding planners in India

We, at Sketchknots, have been in the destination wedding planning league for the past 5 years now. Living our dream and crafting couples’ dream weddings to realities. By and large we have catered to the couples staying outside India who wish to go the desi way for their weddings. Having said that they don’t stay in India but their hearts & their roots belong here, gives a very unique character to the weddings – desi yet classy!

When we are not planning weddings, we follow our passion – our love for animals. Street animals don’t have an easy life these days and hence we are all dedicated to taking care of street animals. We aspire to shape this passion more meaningfully in the coming years, by etching out a portion of our earnings and developing a self-sustaining shelter for stray animals in Bangalore.

Where Would You Like To Get Married?

From beaches to backwaters, from palaces to heritage monuments, from cool green hilltops to adventurous clifftops, from lush green fields to woody offbeat venues, we do it all. Talk to us about your dream wedding and we can help you realize your dream. Here’s a peek at all the destinations where we plan magical and mesmerizing weddings, for custom destinations, talk to us.


Going with Annada and Manoj was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding process. We began working with Annada two years before our wedding and during the entire time she was incredibly patient, kind, and understanding. More importantly, it was very easy and quick to explain our vision to her, and she understood what we wanted and executed it perfectly.

Working with Sketchknots took a lot of stress and time off our hands that we would have otherwise encountered if we attempted to plan our wedding ourselves.

Priyanka & Ashok
Priyanka & Ashok Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu Fusion Wedding

“WOW” to Sketchknots, not a second’s regret in choosing Sketchknots for our daughter’s wedding. It was a 2-year journey working with the amazing wedding planners Annada and Manoj. Our daughter’s and son-in-law’s fairy tale dream wedding was something out of a magazine! It was the PERFECT destination wedding and words cannot express our gratitude for Sketchknots team.

We came to them with a simple idea and they worked their magic and brought it to life by choosing and working with the best vendors. Annada always made the couple feel as though she had everything 100% under control. Everything, every person, every moment… and it’s still being talked about by every guest. Thank you Sketchknots for giving the wedding our children dreamt.

PunithaWorked with us for her Daughter’s Wedding

All I can say is, it’s easy to execute a beautiful wedding when the surroundings support you, but only an amazing wedding planner can help you with a wedding of your dreams irrespective of the environmental conditions.

So, thank you SketchKnots, you made it work! 

Sonali & Varun
Sonali & VarunA Punjabi Malayali Fusion Wedding

We don’t have enough words to describe how incredibly Annada and Manoj ran the show. We started off as getting a wedding planning service from Sketchknots but it was far from what a paid service is like. Together they are an amazing team who will wave their magic wand and make your dream wedding come true. You can always count on them.

Nayanashri & Vishal
Nayanashri & VishalA lovely Telegu Wedding

We chose Annada and Manoj to be our wedding planners because it was evident that they shared our sense of aesthetic and shared our vision of wanting a wedding that had a contemporary tasteful style. From the outset, we were very impressed with their passion and dedication for wedding planning. Closer to the event itself, they worked tirelessly to try and make our vision a reality and to deal with unexpected last minute issues and even enhanced our events with some amazing surprises. Thank you, SketchKnots!

Saipriya & Ritesh
Saipriya & RiteshA Iyengar Gujarati Fusion Wedding

From the start, we appreciated how upfront Annada was in her dealings with us. We also appreciated that we could talk openly about our budget. We liked how available they were – always ready to have a conversation about our planning. They were flexible with planning and we felt we could make changes and organize things exactly how we wanted while also having their input and experience. They were also very easy to deal with during the stressful wedding days.

Anisha & Phyl
Anisha & PhylA Greek Malayali Christian Fusion Wedding

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