About Us

We, at Sketchknots, have been in the destination wedding planning league for the past 5 years now. Living our dream and crafting couples’ dream weddings to realities. By and large we have catered to the couples staying outside India who wish to go the desi way for their weddings. Having said that they don’t stay in India but their hearts & their roots belong here, gives a very unique character to the weddings – desi yet classy! We have backwaters, beach and heritage themed weddings to add to our portfolio. Our team is a package of dynamism, originality, creativity and youthful beings. Our diverse backgrounds and cumulative experience of 100+ weddings make us proficient in what we do – getting couples and their families together for a great rendezvous basis the style that they choose and topping it up with their personalities giving the weddings a unique character of the couples. We operate out of our Bangalore base camp with vital partnerships across local and global ventures, to cater to the clients with destination needs throughout the world.

Mr. Strategist

Manoj – Director

On your big day, he is the one handling vendors, suppliers and sundry others who you really don’t want to deal with. When things are falling apart, there he is, the “fixer” of issues, taking stock of the situation calmly and bringing meaning to the chaos. The maturity reflects his 16 years of diversified experience across banking, IT and consulting. He is up for a challenge any time and solving crises give him a high like no other. And when he is not planning dream weddings for his clients, he is busy watching football and playing peek-a-boo with his cats.

Ms. Driving Force

Annada – Director

Madness personified! No, wait. If you peel off the layers slowly, you get to see a method in that madness. An analytical and organized mind that’s charting its way through messy territories, all thanks to her decade full of managerial and corporate expertize. She’s like the storm before the calm. And yes, she lives, breathes and dreams wedding planning. From the attire to the stage décor to the food, she brings her eagle-eyed focus and passionate attention-to-detail to everything. And when she is not planning weddings, she is busy dodging balls with her nine year-old.

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